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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our goal is to provide a fun welcoming environment to anyone that wants to start or continue their fitness journey and get healthy. Our classes are led by experienced trainers. We are fully equipped to guide you on gaining strength, improving endurance, losing weight, and more! This facility is open to all fitness levels. We can't wait to keep helping the community! 



Irma Avila & Christopher Perez

Irma & Chris fell in love with fitness and enjoyed the process. With their knowledge and experience they wanted to build a community and help individuals start their fitness journey. They followed their dreams in 2018 and S&E will now be turning 4 years old in 2024.


Our Story

Strength and Endurance Academy was established in 2019 out of our garage.  In July 2020 we decided to find a place that was 2100 sq ft and open to the public and offer our classes and open gym. The Strength and Endurance Academy family outgrew its current home and in 2021 we moved to a bigger 2500 sqft facility to accommodate our growth.  In 2022 we moved to Buda, Texas, and opened up a 4,000 sqft gym. 

Meet The Team

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Vanessa Rivera


I have 2 years of experience as a coach. I have my Bachelors in Exercise Science and my NASM - CPT. I grew up dancing and always knew I belonged in a space where I was meant to move my body! Once I entered college and the pandemic hit I found the gym and it became my safe space. I had multiple internships/jobs that inspired me to go after my personal training certification! My education was such a big part of it and I was amazed studying the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body. Fitness should be a type of self care and not a punishment for those who are trying to lose or gain weight. 

Hobbies: COFFEE LOVER, Reading books, and watching the Bachelor! 

Our Vendors

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